Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions which may arise into your mind. Dont worry! Here are the answers about our company policy and pricing. 


Most frequently asked questions and answers

No, absolutely not. Any sort of documentation, e-mailing,consultation and phone call activities are covered under the monthly subscription plan. If you wish to withdraw from a contract, you won’t be charged additionally for compensation.

In that case, you have to get in touch with the customer relationship manager and he will give you an option to upgrade your plan @ $11 USD per hour immediately. Or, you can buy some hours in bulk which is not recurring in nature.

Yes, you will get a dedicated Virtual Assistant provided your subscribed pricing plan is for a period of 50 hours or more. However, for any other plan your point of contact will be the Floor supervisor and he will assign the best fit VA.

We are flexible in terms of working hours and as per your respective time zones. You can also swith to upgrade or downgrade your plan by getting in touch with our customer realtioship manager who will guide you through the process.

The customer relationship manager receives the task and assigns the same to a dedicated Virtual Assistant. The VA accomplishes the work and sends it to the Audit Department who then review the work. It is sent back to the VA if further modifications and editting. This happens as long as the desired results are obtained. Once the Audit department has generated an affirmative response the work is delivered to the client. However if the client is still desires changes he/she may contact the Customer realtionship manager who will again send it to the Audit department to be reviewed and guide the VA through the process.

Even if you unsubscribe from a plan before before expiry of plan period, you may still save it to used in future and also in conjunction with other tasks. However there is no refund for the same.