Social Media Marketing

We are marketing specialists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to create digital solutions to every of your branding needs, including PR, content marketing and social media solutions.

Go Digital, Reap Infinite Possiblities

Do you think digital marketing is limited only to the confines of online marketing? If so change your mind because online marketing is merely a subset of the former. In fact digital media’s extensive advent into on-Internet channels is awe-striking. Take SMS and MMS digtal media, call back and on-hold mobile ringtones speks volumes for the fact that digtal marketing is the Big brother as it is well-established as powerful means of online marketing by dint of SEM(Search Engine Marketing),SEO(Search Engine Optimization), e-commerce marketing,social media marketing and much more.As digital platforms are extensively incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life nonetheless, it is of paramount importance that your business stays on par with the competition in making its present felt on yhe internet with utmost distinction and success.

And This Is Where We Come In

Promotion of brand, organisation or plans through various domains in digital sphere could cost you heftily if not done effectively and utmost feasiblity. Hiring personal workforce for the same can be a tedious and hectic process, not to mention comparing and reviewing results with set benchmarks.Why not just pick your phone or simply send an e-mail to VA Tasker and we do it all for you.

We promote brand patronage and advertising through the following media of digital marketing

Data-driven marketing

To cut short costs and mae the most of your valuable resources in terms of asst and time, we draw data from various sources to analyse the best prospective platforms to display your advertisements. We also use customer information for optimal creative messaging.


The Google search engine is a powerful driving force behind many a businesses. Firms pay Google on a per-click basis to showcase their advertisements. However not all ads qualify for the bidding. The secret lies in creation of unique and relevant content. At VA Tasker, we make sure you make the most out of SEM.

E-mail direct marketing

Your customers have to be made aware of latest discounts, coupon codes and offers, alatest arrivals and much more. E-mail marketing is a handy tool for this purpose, and with right messages catering to customer demands its productivity can become four-fold.

Social media marketing & AdWords

Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube are a powerful non-linear approach to digtal marketing. We draw comprehensive analytics by keeping track of relevant keywords to target audiences for your product. Additionally we also examine your competitors' traffic records and act on the results.