Why hire a Virtual Assistant to grow your Real Estate Business?

The life of a real estate broker or agent is nothing but hectic. Between managing properties, relationships with clients, doing paperwork, appointment scheduling, and last but not the least marketing. In short a lot of moving pieces to complete. 
Most of them who are in the real estate business often think that there´s much more to be done but there´s not enough time to accomplish it all. The day has only 24 hours but we beg to have more.
Other than just business we all have a personal life where we need to rest, take care of our kids and family and if at all get some time giving yourself some time. When so many things go in your head and you start thinking too much about it your mind starts giving up and you become frustrated. 
So, how can you get out of this crazy loop and stand out from the crowd in the super competitive real estate arena?
The Fix is Here!
So by now, you should have understood that you´re in need of an extra hand so you can stop juggling so much and focus on the things which need your time & attention the most. In a fast-paced industry where time is everything, it can be beneficial to bring in some extra help to manage some daily task for you. That how you will be spending your time focusing on core selling activities which will make you more successful as a realtor.
Successful people have learned how to delegate. They have been wise enough to face that they can´t do everything single handy. They simply decided to focus on what matters the most to them. And you know what? They don´t want to do boring tasks either!.
This is where the Virtual Assistant comes into picture. In VA Tasker, we have VAs who are expert in helping Real Estate agents or brokers with their day to day task which need to be done in office such as paperwork, appointment, handling emails. Checking MLS and many more.

Here is a list of thing your Virtual Assistant can do you easily:

1. Organize the full agenda for open house days while you’re doing core-selling tasks outside the office
2. Social media management and making a killer online presence for your business is just a tiny example of what a virtual assistant can do for you. 
3. Manage your numerous e-mails to answer general questions and also arrange visits if necessary
4. You can also have your virtual assistant act as an answering service when you’re unavailable to answer phone calls
5. Take over follow up tasks that commonly take place during the buying process (further visits, new inquiries, submitting paperwork, scheduling walk-through, etc…)
6. A virtual assistant can provide other agents with information regarding properties, MLS, and more.
7. A highly skilled VA can even revamp your whole website/blog so it drives more traffic. Some specialized virtual assistants work on design, development, and maintenance (although these services tend to cost extra)
8. Schedule content to be posted automatically on social networks to have a strong 24/7 online presence
9. Organize your endless online documents, databases, and folders so you know where to find them quickly. Imagine a life with Drive and Dropbox running smoothly!
10. Your virtual assistant can also handle the tasks associated with creating, updating, managing your property listings for you.
Wrapping Up:
So, now that you know it´s your choice to concentrate only on what matters, leave the above areas to a real estate Virtual Assistant. You won´t regret it, for sure!
We´ll be more than happy to help you build a super relaxed working lifestyle! We have a plan for every need. All you have to do is ask for help. Hit the appointment button and an expert is sitting on the other side to assist you.