Top 5 website development trends one must not miss in 2019

With the world moving towards digitalization, it has become mandatory for business houses to have a robust online presence. However, to survive in the soaring commercial competition, a mere online site will not help unless it is developed along the lines of the latest trends. Apart from improving the visual of the company site, these trends also facilitate easy navigation by the online visitors thereby enhancing their experiences. Do you plan to have a website for your start-up? Or do you want to revamp the existent site? Then, get in touch with a reputed website development company today. Owing to their experience and expertise, the professionals of such companies can design for your company a website that aligns with the catchy trends. Are you intrigued to know some of the latest fads in details? Continue reading below.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages- AMP is the acronym of Accelerated Mobile Pages that is utilized to amplify user-experience by reducing the page loading time and enhancing the overall website speed. Since these pages bank on AMP HTML, a more prompt edition of HTML, they offer quicker loading time for the users. It does not end here for AMP pages are optimized that give your company’s website a top-notch ranking on the search engine.

2. Push notifications- In recent time, websites feature push notifications to reach out to and engage a larger number of audiences. With the simple installation of plug-ins or the use of the third-party site, a company website can seek permission from the users to send them notifications via a message box. It will help your b usiness establish a swift communication with maximum customers possible. Keeping your visitors abreast of your business’ latest activities shall promote customer awareness and loyalty undoubtedly.

3. Single-page websites- Integration of cloud computing in JavaScript has acted as a catalyst in the development of one-page web application. These Single Page websites have been able to deliver high user-experience as they call for no loading time. A simple clicking on the navigation links is enough to get the necessary information. Do you plan on having a single page application for your enterprise? If yes, contact the leading web design company. With this kind of a website in place, you can ensure customer gratification.

4. Chatbots inclusion- The AI-backed chatbots have added efficiency in customer management practices by the companies. By mimicking human responses, these machine responses have been able to deliver quality customer support services. From answering queries to guiding the visitor through the products, chatbots have saved the companies from investing in appointing 24*7 manual customer representative.

5. Progressive Web Apps- Tech-experts suggest that Progressive Web Apps are here to stay in 2019 and also in following years to come. These websites are designed to function like apps to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. As they are stored on the device in the form of URL, you do not have to download and install them. Moreover, the full adaptability feature with smartphones, mobiles, and computers explains how and why it is promoting user convenience.

Conclusion- To remain competitive in the midst of global commerce, business owners have to accord website development trends a serious thought. Should you want to refine your business site with latest trends, engage the services of a website development company.